Time & Location: The group will meet in Old Science Hall, Room 103, in the Center for Teaching Excellence Conference Room.

Cohort Leaders: John Stewart


We will be reading/reviewing a variety of texts, videos, Web sites, and other resources that are freely available on the Web as part of the activity of this program. You can find the working curriculum (with links to weekly activities) on the Curriculum page.


  • Become familiar with the principles of active learning classrooms
  • Discuss and implement strategies for making your own class more active
  • Develop a working knowledge of how digital tools like Google Docs and Wikis that can be used in the classroom
  • Explore the implications of collaborative writing on your own teaching and research
  • Create an assignment that integrates digital tools into an existing course

Format & Structure

During the Faculty Learning Community, participants will meet on a weekly basis for one hour. In between meetings, participants will read/review assigned texts and resources and review the technology resources provided. During the weekly meetings, time will be devoted to a discussion of the reading and review of the technical resources. The meeting will be an opportunity, in particular, to discuss further any part of the reading that deeply resonated with participants and to answer questions or address any confusion about the collaborative tool of the week.

Given that there is quite a bit of content to cover, it is important to make sure we make the most use of the time between meetings to continue the conversation and answer questions. To that end, participants are required to complete the following activities outside of the face-to-face workshops:

  • Stay up with the weekly reading assignments and review the weekly technology topic resources

Workshop Topics

  • Week One: Introduction and Planning Session
  • Week Two: Active Learning Methodologies and Google Docs
  • Week Three: Group Building
  • Week Four: Wikis and Wikipedia in the Classroom
  • Week Five: TBD
  • Week Six: TBD

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