Week One (February 18th): Introduction and Planning Session

  • In the introductory meeting we set learning objectives for the group
  • We agreed to focus on student engagement and active learning principles

Week Two (February 25th): Active Learning Methodologies and Google Docs

  • Interactive Strategies in an ALC:” This is the pdf that I mentioned in the first meeting.  It provides a description of 26 strategies/activities for engaging students.  In reading this, highlight any strategies that you have employed in the past or would like to use in the future.  During our meeting, I hope that we can share success stories and plan at least one activity each for upcoming classes.
  • Other Readings:
    • “Creating Excitement in the Classroom:” in this is white paper, Charles Bonwell lays out the principles of Active Learning and provides guides for self-assessment in evaluating the applicability of these methods
    • Here are two pdfs on teaching Physics with Active Learning Principles: Article 1 & Article 2
    • This slide set presents ideas for using Google Docs in the classroom.  Many of these ideas overlap or could be used to reinforce the ACL strategies mentioned above.  If we have time, I would like to share some ideas on how to use Google Docs in the classroom to enable student collaboration.

Week Three (March 1st): Group Building

  • Turning Student Groups into effective Teams:” Barbara Oakley, Rebecca Brent, Richard Felder, and Imad Elhajj present their research on effective team building strategies and provide an appendix with work sheets for setting up groups in your own class. Topics covered include:
    • Strategies for forming teams
    • How to handle problem team members
    • Strategies for avoiding free-loaders and couch potatoes
    • Team rules
    • Team roles
    • Team expectations
    • Team contracts
    • Peer evaluation and group grading

Week Four (March 8th): Wikis and Wikipedia in the Classroom

Week Five (March 22nd): TBD

Week Six (March 29th): TBD

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